Written by Waylon Luo, Aung Thet, Raymond Conde and Alan Plassard

They Say "Am I (gonna) make it to the end of line?".
I tried to stay alive with the noises inside.

I design your sacred desire. Dance with the devil. Play with fire.
Curtain lifted and vision unfold. You cann't rule that you don't control.


Written by Waylon Luo, Nay Min Oo and Thein Aung Tan

Waiting for you arrival, I will greet you with my neck. You're the roamer of the darkness, summoned by the blood. My blood once red, then has turned to be blackened. I can tell it's delicious, so come close to me.

Praying for a brand new life at the hopeless night. But still your malevolent laughter sends shiver down my spine. Freezing wind makes me shudder; in the air, I smell blood. With the most delicate steps, comes my enchantress.

Goddess, drain all of me. I'll sacrifice.
Goddess, drain all of me; all my life!

Am I just another prey? I'll never tolerate betrayal. Never doubt if I would regret, here I am, offering myself. Infect me with your lips, I will swallow all your kisses. Losing the strength in my limbs, I am now your slave.

Destiny brought us together and the same fucking fate tore us apart. Now you're leaving so every second counts. Won't you walk with me the path of eternity?

Under the moonlight fading away, Your melancholic smile is too tempting to me. If you want to want to keep our memory, Bring me to the end of my diary. Put an end to my dire misery.

No matter daylight or darkness, we are one forever!

This has to be my last daylight. Become nocturnal that I might. Transform me into your same kind, Then we shall unite!


Written by Waylon Luo and Nay Min Oo

You try to label your name on the big screen, the place no one has ever seen. The whole place is hypnotized, with an illusion of being in paradise.

Oh… You are a coward. Over and over, we are nipped off forever. You ignored our absolve, without even remorse. The judgement is derived that you deserve to die.

Devil die. Devil die, Devil Die.. Never wake up again.
Devil die. Devil die, Devil Die.. Never shall be forgiven.

I am too stunned and frozen, by the spell of persuasion you have cast. Create an illusion to change our attention, like you always did in the past.

We must be fooled no more. (God help me!)
That’s what we’re waiting for (It’s not that yet!)
Kill me as you judged me (I am not ready to die!)

The dirge and the eulogy are singing. Will be the omens of your destiny. The knell for the dead is ringing gloomily. It'll help you find the path to your coffin.

Your enormity can never be negated. Infernal doom is what you have constructed. Those you immolate for your greed, will always haunt you in your sleep.

You wanna live in the black paradise. Sit on your throne and spit out your lies. Goddamn motherfucker, wanna be a hypocrite. I can't wait no longer, you're wasting my time.

I'll slay you by myself, bury you alive. This is my last words for you......... Die Devil Die.